We Go Wednesday - Great American Bake Sale

I'm a proud supporter of any project that involves sweets, and especially those with a bigger goal in mind. Share Our Strength's Great American Bake Sale is part of a network of programs that works hard to ensure that no child in America grows up hungry. The funds of their GABS awards grants to support successful organizations across the country that work to provide children and their families with the healthy food they need. Today' W.O.W. is for you today, find and support a local Bake Sale, or start your own!

But does the thought of a bake sale overwhelm you? Think you need to be Betty Crocker, or at least Sandra Lee? To get you inspired, check out this amazing bake sale spread from Bird And Berry; please note the use of inexpensive crepe paper as a tablecloth, cowgirl cookie mix jars, and the simplicity of her treats. It's not about 'the what', but 'the package'....if it looks awesome, people will buy it. Let me tell you, if I drove by this table, I would have bought one of everything, and from the sound of her post, that's what everyone did. bake sale tablebake sale table 2bake sale table 3

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