Bag It Up! Back To School 2010

Everyone knows the backpack and lunchbox are the most crucial elements of your BTS wardrobe. I think my boys chew on their bags because every year, I'm getting new ones. I'm breaking the character bag habit because the shiny plastic is always getting ripped off.

The boy has his Jansport backpack from last year (it's checkered so it's 'skater boy', thus acceptable) and the little one is sporting a new camo one from Gymboree. We are really working on being greener this year, more containers for lunch and drinks, meaning less bags and drink boxes. Although we've been using systems like Laptop Lunches, we've used drink boxes, little cups of pudding, applesauce, etc.

So in my meanderings around looking for inspiration, I've found some great products to send them baggin' in style!

Frecklebox is going old-school with personalized metal lunch boxes. I didn't even know they still made metal ones! I remember my Strawberry Shortcake one with fond memories. Until it rusted. Thanks to a lovely giveaway, the little one is sporting one in camo to match his backpack. I like the chalkboard feature for sending messages. Which will save a little paper on the lunchbox notes I like to send. Notice the water bottle? No, it didn't come with the lunchbox. We are going to (attempt) see how well it works for non-water liquids.
How cool is the PlanetBox system? The box is made from stainless steel and held in a carry bag with the ability to hold a water bottle.
Gymboree's skull & crossbones can be attached to a matching backpack with the plastic side clips or carry by the top loop.
Skip Hop Zoo lunchies, found at retailers like Layla Grace, are insulated lunch bags with an interior mesh pocket that is perfect for utensils or lunch money.
Sarah + Abraham's aluminum water bottles are durable and will stand out in the crowd.
Just saw this messenger bag at The Children's Place, and the boy thought it was cool, and I agree. It's all canvas and the hardware feels pretty sturdy.
Each Go Green Lunch Box set comes with an insulated fabric carrier, an erasable white board for sending messages, a five-compartment food container, and a bottle that will hold over nine ounces of water or your child’s favorite drink – all leach- and lead-free.
Pottery Barn Kids never disappoints; they have a full range of lunch gear and backpacks galore.
The Goodbyn lunch box has to be by far my favorite; it comes with a drink bottle and dishwasher safe stickers to personalize your kids lunchbox.

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