Real Party/Fiesta Friday (On A Saturday) - Back To School Bash 2010

Back To School Bash tableIt came, it went, it was awesome. Our last hurrah for the summer, our annual Back To School Bash. It's really just a glorified playdate with friends we didn't get a chance to spend alot of time with. My boys are apparently in high demand and should quit school altogether and just be socialites.

I couldn't wait to share the pictures, it was so much fun to put together. I have a Favorites folder full of inspiration and I wanted to use them all, but alas there was just no room.

Back To School Bash utensilsMust every party include paper straws? That's a big 10-4 good buddy! And what, you say, is that runner made of? Why yes, it is real chalkboard cloth. No one believed me that it was, but I found it at Jo-Ann's, it comes on a bolt just like any cloth. I've had it for awhile with big dreams of putting a ribbon edging on it and make it an 'official' runner, but eh.

And since we all know the trick to an appealing table is having different heights, I figured nothing would be more appropriate than using some of our favorites books.
Back To School Bash apple cupcakes
Shout-out to Bower Power's apple cupcakes; they were a big hit!

Back To School drinks silly friend The milk cartons were supposed to be favor holders but a. I ran out of time to fill them and b. I couldn't bear to see them go. How sad is that?

And how much do you love the edible pretzel crayons? I've been sitting on these for awhile, and paysie backsies to Lizard N Ladybug's own BTS party, I saw those lunch trays and how cute her crayons turned out, so of course I had to do it too.
Back To School Bash pretzel crayons
And double shout-outs to Paper & Cake, I used their too-fun Back To School collection for my water bottle wraps, veggie fries containers and labels for the applesauce cups. They had so much stuff that comes with the download, but I just couldn't use it all. I was having a hard time reeling in the crazy and I had to draw the line.

I was going to make strips from their printed paper to wrap the sandwiches in, but that little voice in my head (which is getting littler by the day) said 'STOP. STEP BACK FROM THE PRINTER AND DROP THE SCISSORS, YOU ARE INSANE'. So I put it under them instead.
Back To School Bash applesauce
Back To School Bash water bottles
Back To School Bash veggie fries
Back To School Bash treat bagsHow could I not have Trader Joe's Schoolbook Cookies and alphabet tater-tots? The bags in the back were serving double duty as decor and favors. I wanted to have the flash card match with each guest's name, but we had 3 T names, so not everyone could. See how the crazy doesn't stop?
Back To School Bash taters
Back To School drinks
Back To School Izze and paper strawsWhat's prettier than paper straws? Paper straws and Izzes. If I could afford it, I would serve them at every party.

What else did we do? Oh yes, we also did a nature walk around our neighborhood, where the blackberry bushes are ripe and the kids loved picking them. Me, I'm over them since a greenbelt full of them surrounds 3 sides of our yard and hubby turns into Rambo with the chainsaw and has to hack them back every year.

We asked each guest to bring a gently loved book for a book swap, which is a great way to get a new book or two without buying anything. I wanted to read Countdown To Kindergarten since several friends are starting this year, and it's the little one's fav, but alas, time flies when you're having fun!

Lots of great ideas for a Back To School Bash

Thanks again ladies for another great kickoff to the new school year!

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