Tuesday Trend - Parfaits

Before we jump into today's Trend, I would like to send thank you shout-outs to ...
...Catch My Party who liked my Back To School Bash enough to included it in a fab roundup, and made it Party Of The Day!And to the party goddess that is Stem Parties...I should totally make a button that says 'Queen Of Fun Finds, Ask Me How'
OK, moving right along...I love parfaits. I'm currently obsessed with granola, strawberries, bananas and yogurt. I eat it almost every morning. Over the years we found some ideas like this fun breakfast recipe, our Lucky Leaf parfaits and who can forget our 4th of July one?

I think they are going to be the new trend on the dessert bar. Clear glassware will showcase the finished parfait layers fabulously, so pull out your fancy sundae dishes and stemware like large wine or martini glasses.

Arrange your ingredients by layers, with all the cakey items together, next the fillings and fruits, and finally the toppings. Case in point, check out this gem from Nesting Newbies, jarfaits; layering different treats in a mason jar for easy transport!

They suggest starting with a base trifecta of treats - cakey (pound cake, macaroons) + creamy (ice cream, frosting) + gooey (liqueur syrup, marshmellows) and perhaps a fun topping or garnish. Mix and match to your heart's content, the possibilities are endless!

Check out some of their inspiring recipes...

Scarlet O'My - red velvet cake, strawberry cream cheese mousse, strawberry jam, white chocolate shavings.

Dulce De Tres Leche - tres leche cake, caramel pudding, dulce de leche caramel, banana slices, whipped cream

Wholly Cannoli - ricotta mascarpone cream, chocolate chips, chopped pistachio, amaretti cookie crumbs

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