Tuesday Tutorial (On A Saturday) - Giant Tissue Lollipops/Engagement Ring

Yeah, yeah, some of you have been sweatin' me about the tutorial I promised on the giant tissue lollipops that reader Adriana did for her Sweet One Party. Well, not only does this mama have her own blog now (yeah!) she has graciously done a tutorial sharing how she made them, over at her new diggs. So now you can all leave me alone.
And speaking of creative people I know, my friend Christy was inspired by my '...Then You Should Have Put A Ring On It' (uh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh...arg, FOCUS!!) post for decorating her sister's bridal shower with the giant engagement rings. Aren't they fab?

They are easy to recreate but you will be using a power tool, so you shouldn't be drinking when making these.

seven- and ten-inch embroidery hoops
a clear faucet handle
a size #8-32 X 2-inch screw and nut
silver spray paint
wood glue
spray primer paint
fishing line

1. The hoops have two components; (1) an outer hoop with a small opening and (2) an inner hoop that is solid. Drill a hole in the inner hoop and line the hole up with the opening of the outer hoop.
2. Glue these two hoops together with some wood glue, then spray the entire hoop with some primer, followed by silver metallic paint.
3. To attach the faucet handle to the hoop with the screw and a corresponding nut. Flip off the 'hot' or 'cold' lid of the faucet handle, slide the screw inside, and pass it through the hole in the embroidery hoop.
4. Fasten the screw with the nut and replace the lid of the faucet. Tie fishing line to the ring to hang. Voila!

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