We Go Wednesday - Recession-Schmession

Before I launch into today's neural misfirings, we have a winner to announce for our Every 100 Followers giveaway; the winning comment is...comment #7 Kendra - Again, letting you know that I tweeted about it!

Congrats! The winner has already been contacted and has 24 hours to respond, otherwise an alternate will be chosen! Didn't win this time? That's OK, there are other giveaways on the horizon, including some squeezable, and may be a sweet treat or two!

Shifting gears; spotted at our local Wal-mart...God bless Amy and Patsy if they think that people shopping at Wal-mart are spending that kind of money on a jar of spaghetti sauce. Please, I'm twitching if it goes to 10 for $10 at Albertson's. Can someone please buy a jar and do a comparision test? I'm pretty sure unless it has cavier and gold flecks in it, it will taste the same when you add the meat, pour it over spaghetti, then cover it with cheese. I'm just saying.

Ah grasshopper, you caught the fact that I was at Wal-mart. No, I haven't gotten over my dislike for Wal-mart...I may be crazy but I'm not dumb. Had to go there to find a umbrella chair and who else has camping stuff year round? Because, according to the retail calender, summer was over 2 months ago, they've already set up for fall. The people at Tarjay just looked at me and sniffed, and pointed over to the clearance rack that held a bag of broken chalk and some flip-flops to let me know, summer is so ovah. Wait, were the people at Tarjay being snooty with me?

Anyhoo, I figured, eh, I'm here, might as well get some groceries, but I will be clever and go back to the outdoor stuff register, because there won't be a line, NO ONE will be there. Oh, yeah, that was clever, because no one was there, including the clerk. Despite the fact that the light was on. She was way down the way, just chit-chatting with the gal at the outside entrance, you know, the one making sure no one is stealing the bags of bark and dying flowers outside along the sidewalk? Whatever.