I've Been Featured At Paper & Cake!

So, it's been a hard week. I've been having 'small fish, big pond' party planner feelings and issues, the usual pity party that pops up every now and again. It's sad really, I have so much party stuff on the horizon with the holiday season approaching and still have enough brain energy to waste on that stuff.

It passed, and really got left in the dust when I woke up today and did a quick blogroll scroll through before getting the kids off for school, and saw this.......at one of my favorite places to be, Paper & Cake! We used their fab printables at our Back To School Bash. Boo-yah! In your face, haters, I'm way cooler than you give me credit for!

BTW I really was jumping for joy! When it's chilly and rains in Seattle, it rains! You can't be outside, which means you are inside. Which means you are inside with the kids. And it was chilly and rained alot this summer.

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