We Go Wednesday - Hopscotch Kids

Hopscotch KidsI'm working on a GNO spa night and while perusing for fun party ideas, I came across a very yummy site at Hopscotch Kids. Phoenix mommy Ginny Cardenas was tired of the amount of toxins in cosmetics marketed to children, so she made it her mission to create the safest, most playful cosmetic line for kids on the market! Don'tcha love mommy power? Now if we could just send her to the Middle East and fix all that...sorry I digress.

Their WaterColors nail polish is water-based and there is none of the smelly junk that's in solvent-based polish, AKA regular nail polish. How cool is that? Wouldn't a mani-pedi party for you and your favorite girl(s) be a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon? Sigh, I wish I have girls to paint toes with...sorry I digress.

With fun color names like Miss Mary Mack, Heads Up, Seven Up and Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater, I want to paint my toesies with them!

They retail around around Phoenix, of course, but you can find them at a few other spots around the US.

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