We Go Wednesday - LEGO Games Summer Tour

You know how you get all excited about an upcoming event, it sounds awestastic, you count down the days, you talk about it constantly etc. ad nauseum. Thus was the feeling when we first saw the flyer for the LEGO Games Summer Tour rolling into Seattle this past weekend.

My mom-dar twitched a little when the people at our LEGO store had no idea what I was talking about, but I figured, eh, they can't know everything LEGO. The flyer says "At the tour, you'll see all ten new LEGO games, build the robot and be the robot. You'll also walk through the labyrinth, avoiding the Minotaur. You can also play games against other families for a chance to win cool stuff. Guess the number of bricks in the evil Minotaur model for a chance to win a trip to LEGOland Park in California and much more!" Sounds sweet, right?

My boys are obsessed with 3 things; LEGO, Star Wars and Playmobil. So of course we couldn't wait to go. And it was at Seattle Center, which is a huge complex, so I'm thinking 'This is going to be kick-ass' and 'Crap, we should have come earlier, we aren't going to be able to get in.'

No worries on that end. In fact, when we came up the stairs, there it was. All 3 exhibits; main stage, and 2 tents.
Main stage where the game was a glorified version of Tic Tac Toe, that you had to sign up as teams for, basically one every half hour and it was already full. Oh, and that in front, the 'Minotaurus'? That's the labryinth you walk to escape the Minotaur. A floor map where the LEGO gal rolled a giant die for you to move. Don't those kids look excited?
Game under tent #1; involving rolling a giant die and moving the cars along the track. There were like 4 tables doing the same thing. Whee.

We didn't even bother going to tent #2, it pretty much involved the same thing execpt there was a pyramid involved. And another giant die. These must be part of the 10 new games. Wow. And I don't even know what was the 'build a robot, be a robot' part.Here is the 'guess the number of bricks' part, which sadly, was the most involved thing we did. Still looking for the '...and much more' part.

It should have been called LAME-O Games Summer Tour. I'm bitter. I tried to make the best of it and kept a smile on my face. And bless their hearts, the boys said 'it wasn't that bad, Mom!'. Everyone knows what that is code for.

Did I mention it was lame? Alright. I'm done.

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