Drink Of The Week - Kiwifruit Caipiroska

This was in Martha's June magazine issue this summer, and I've been sitting on it since because don't sliced kiwifruit look just like eyeballs? Plus, its lovely shade of green makes it the perfect beverage for your adult soiree! Recipe serves 6 to 8.

6 peeled kiwifruits
3 cups tonic
1 cup limeade
1/2 cup vodka
ice cubes
garnish: peeled kiwifruit slices

1. Muddle kiwifruits in a bowl or pulse in a food processor until chopped and juice is extracted.

2. Strain fruit through a fine sieve and get rid of the solids. Transfer to a large pitcher.

3. Stir in tonic, limeade, and vodka, fill pitcher with ice cubes and garnish with peeled kiwifruit slices.

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