Fiesta Friday - Greening Up Halloween

I apologize for not posting the Fill-A-Friend giveaway...and the winner isComment #11 Briann said...I love the white tennies Congrats Briann! She's already been contacted and accepted.

Yeah! It's October 1, I can officially decorate for Halloween without coming off as crazy! Plus, it's the beginning of the worldwind we call the Holiday Season, or as I call it, the Four Horsemen Of Your Sanity's Apocolypse, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. That's ok, I'm embracing the crazy as I do every year. I've been sneaking in a few things here and there, but now it's on.

Not to mention today marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and once again, every Wednesday this month is BCA Wednesday, devoted to sharing some ways you can join the fight.

We all know Halloween is all about the sweets, the costumes, the parties! That doesn't mean you can't be eco-chic. The same party tips work just as well! And to prove it, the folks at Green Halloween can show you how. Tricks-Or-Treasure is chockful of great ideas, devoted to greener alternatives for candy-free treating. Check out their article on throwing a green Halloween party, from shopping tips to party favors!

Costumes suck a lot out of your wallet, the hotter the item, the more it will cost ya! I'm predicting a Star Wars: The Clone Wars/Harry Potter/Avatar/anything vampire deluge this season. Check out Daily Green's Top 25 homemade costumes from recycled material. Think outside of the costume box...wear a pumpkin even!

Decor can run a pretty penny too! Dig into the recycling bin and show off your mad craft skills. Check out this soap container pumpkin from Eco Child's Play, or this plethora of fun crafts from Kiwi.

A cardboard refrigerator box, spray painted black makes an awesome coffin. Create tombstone shapes from other cardboard boxes or Styrofoam sheets and paint them black or gray and paint crazy epitaphs in white. Pile leaves in front of your graves for a freshly buried look.

Decorate with compostible items. If you’re decorating with straw bales for fall, spread it on the flower beds afterward. Dried colored corn can be recycled as a winter treat for squirrels and birds.

Not a fan of passing out candy? Do a double-give back whammy, pass out Jr. Frosty coupons from Wendy's annual Trick Or Treat Books. Since 1992, this annual fundraiser has generated millions of dollars for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption as they work to move children out of foster care and into permanent homes.

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