Fiesta Friday/Real Spa Party/We Go Wednesday - Seabrook, WA

So, I'm all about multitasking, hence the title. Remember my top secret spa party I was working on? It was for my girls' only trip to Seabrook, WA and since alot of them read my blog and FB, I couldn't risk them finding out. Every year this amazing group of women take a trip out for a weekend of scrapbooking, drinking and fun. There's always a special Saturday night activity and it was mine, mine, mine.

But first, a pause for the cause, a little gushing on where we were, after all, it is home to the 2010 Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House. We'll go outside in...this is the absolutely lovely rental we stayed out, straight out of one of those homes you see in Pottery Barn.
It has a window day I hope to have a window seat of my own....

Some places use bark as decorative filler, but if you live on the coast, you get to use oyster shells.

I am so in love that if we could afford it, I would TOTALLY get me a beach house.

All the homes had these cutesy names like 'Life's a Beach' and 'Seas The Day'.

Yes, these are the mondo amount of stairs down to the beach...
So Saturday night was our Spa Night...when I saw this spread in Nonpareil Magazine, I knew it had to be done. The ladies were pampered with all sorts of goodies like jars of avocado-cucumber face masks, foot soaks, scrub gloves and mini cubes of soap. I found the silicone ice-cube molds at Bed, Bath And Beyond and voila, I made soap for the first time. Well, if by made, you mean I remelted blocks of glycerin soap, colored, scented and poured into the molds.

P.S. Dear Santa, please bring me a new camera for Christmas so that the beauty of my layouts come shining through because with the soft accent lighting overhead, this looked amazing. The flash killed it all, and I'm very sad.

Inside each gable box, the most amazing Montana Tea & Spice Trading 's Mocha Hazelnut gourmet herbal tea, sugar crystal rock stirrers and chocolate. Oh man, it is so tasty, which says alot because I hate tea.

What? You saw that decorative tape at Michael's? Yup, I love it. A fabulous way to glam up just about anything on the cheap. The jars hiding in the back were used for the lemon sugar scrub each gal made herself.

Nothing beats wrapping paper for a runner, I never get tired of it, especially if it's from Paper Source.

It's ok ladies, there is plenty to go around! It was a definite buffet of pampering! Everyone filled up their bag with goodies, made their sugar scrubs and got to work. They soaked, scrubbed, and filed to prettiness!

It takes alot of work to look this good!
Thank you ladies for inviting me to be part of a fabulous weekend! See you next year!

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