Tuesday Trend/Tip - Going Halvsies/99 Red Balloons

It's the age-old struggle, and we've all go through it...moms of multiples, shared birthdays...how to appease the needs of children who want their own party theme? Bird Crafts has found a very happy medium, a common thread between two design schemes that worked for both of her children.joint birthday garden partyjoint birthday garden party 2
She literally split the party down the middle! She says, "The idea was unusual, but it came to me because I wanted the children to each have their own mini-celebration, independent of each other - Their own special, party corner if you like!" Oh yes, she has the wisdom of Solomon, and I lurve it!

My boys' birthdays are a week apart and I'm a hot mess throwing two separate parties, since we can't seem to a. agree on the theme b. the age gap is becoming more apparent with 1st grade and 4th grade guests. But I wonder if I could make it work next summer...hmm...I'm definitely smelling a new trend! So kudos, my dear, it's the next evolution in dessert tables!

And speaking of parties, have you got yours in order yet? Halloween is creeping up fast and some of you are still chewing your nails on getting it together! That's ok, because you don't need to spend time driving around, cursing that you waited too late and all the good stuff is gone. Celine from 99 Red Balloons (ninety-nine red balloons...floating in the summer sky...sorry) can help you with that. She contacted me about her company who specializes in the phenomenon of "Party In A Box" and figured my readers would be interested. Um, yeah!!!
They've all types of party themes, from Casino Night to a Cocktail Party and everything in between! In their boxes, you'll find exciting themed decorations, tableware, accessories and other fun items to create the perfect atmosphere.

Right now (literally, you need to order right now; everything ships within 2 to 3 days) if you order their Undead party box, the Pumpkins, Witches And Ghouls, Oh My party box or anything else Halloween, my readers get a special discount! Enter BOO for the discount code for 10% off your order! Sweet!

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