Modern Apple Baby Shower/Tuesday Tutorial (On A Monday) Felt Turkeys

When I woke up this morning for a quick blogroll check before getting the kids off to school, I came across this amazing modern apple baby shower from Katie Grace Designs and I had to get it out to you all who are planning a fall party. I'm absolutely amazed by how she was able to incorporate the apples throughout her decor, was a recycling and dollar store queen, and used a lot of her own existing decor items.

There are a truckload of pictures and full details at her blog, you've got to go see. The party palette is perfect year round, but swap in fall colors like red, orange and yellow and it's perfect for autumn! Hang on, lots of exclamation points!
Giant Jo-Ann's letters!
Repurposed decor items and recycled water bottles!

Lots of dollar store finds!
Check out her dessert table, how do I love the ribbon around the apples!

So, speaking of fall, my little owls have inspired some fun ideas; in my head, I kept see them as turkeys. They follow the same basic directions of the owls with just a few tweaks.

4" Styrofoam ball
24 mm google eyes
9"X12" pieces of felt (brown for the body and your choice of tail feathers* in 4 or 5colors, tan for the headpiece, yellow for the beak)
tacky glue (I use Aleene's)
*popsicle sticks
*hot glue gun

*OK, so I'm going to preface this with saying you could probably use stiffened felt for the tail feathers and omit the need for reinforcing the felt with the popsicle sticks. I have loads of felt and couldn't bring myself to buying more felt.

1. Cut out feathers in brown felt and cover the entire body in them using tacky glue. You can leave the top uncovered, since the turkey's head will cover it, just make a few extra feathers to cover any gaps the head may leave.

2. The tail feather is about 7" long, and if you are using regular felt, you will need to cut out two pieces of each color. If using stiffened felt, you will only need one piece.

3. To reinforce the felt so the tail feather stands straight up, glue a popsicle stick to one side of the felt feather as close to the tip of the feather as possible,then glue the other tail feather on top to sandwich the stick between the two. You want the popsicle stick close to the top because the bottom will be hot-glued to the body and you don't want the popsicle stick in the way. Set the feathers aside to dry.

4. The turkey's face is made from the owl head covering, it's a cone, cut from a corner of the tan felt, sides measuring 4" and I made the curve came from a small plate. Glue on the beak from a corner piece of yellow felt, and the waddle is just a little piece of red felt.

5. Glue on the tan covering and waddle accordingly, then add the eyes.

6. Determine where you want the tail feathers and hot glue them on, from the bottom of the tail feather, using the slack end below the popsicle stick.
And now you have a critter that would make a very cute mantel piece or addition to a kid's table, or anywhere you need googly eyes staring at you.
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