That's My Pan!

That's My Pan!'s that time of the year. Potlucks, open houses, office parties. Time to bring something to share. But there's that feeling. That feeling of "I don't want to leave my nice casserole dish, because you know I won't get it back until Valentine's Day"

I'm sure that was the thought process with the folks who started That's My Pan!, which started as a small engraving business that had begun to offer the personalized cake pans in a world where one 9 X 12 pan looks like another, and yet you KNOW when it's not yours.

You all know I like to watch TV when I'm doing my chores. Actually, it's the only time I get to watch TV. So it was TV, specifically The Talk in their series premiere, that introduced me to the world of personalized bakeware. Leah Remini gave all of her new cast mates their own pans...yeah, like those gals are still going to parties where they bring over pans of homemade lasagna...and Leah is just as sassy as evah! I love that she and Jenny From The Block are besties. Like, I'm-at-the-hospital-for-the-birth-of-your-twins-besties. But I digress.

From tempered glass cutting boards to wooden utensils to said lasagna pans, they will make sure you get your stuff back. Even better, you know exactly who made what when it's sitting at the table. Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on what is in said pan. I also love how you can get just about any design you'd like on the pan lids. Wouldn't these make awesome Christmas gifts this season? If you'd like, you can send me one. The cupcake design is my favorite.

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