Tuesday Tip/Tutorial - Holiday Decor All Season Long

Looking for a few ideas that will carry through the New Year's? Here's a few great tutorials that are fun to make and easy on the wallet.
Do you have 500 yd rolls of curling ribbon? Of course you do, they are cheap at party supply stores; get you a spool or two and make these curling ribbon coasters from Chica and Jo.

How amazing are these 'string spheres' (or as I call them, yarn balls) from Joyful Weddings? They went old school, winding string around a balloon, covering it with fabric stiffener, letting it dry and then popping the balloon. You can make them in any color you like!

This tissue paper wreath from Elizabeth Anne Designs may be a little time consuming but totally worth it, especially if you add little crystals of bling.

Mmm...hmmm....I'm in love with this rock candy chandelier from Once Wed that only costs about $10 to make.

A bowl full of paper globes by Shim + Sons is a great decor element; they are easy to make. I've made them as ornaments by replacing the brad with ribbon.

Apartment Therapy has ornaments hanging from it, but you can easily swap them out for hanging votives, lights, etc. as the New Year approaches.

And I just had to share this vanilla pumpkin cupcake recipe from Tidy Mom because I made it today and it was da bomb! I had to make made a smorgasboard frosting of lemon, chocolate and buttercream, which was all I had and it was finger lickin' good.

And speaking of holiday tips, if you are going to have a house full of guests and you are looking for great decor pieces like bar tables and stools or extra dining room chairs, CSN stores have you covered! And with many items having free shipping you can save a little chaching while you are at it!

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