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2010 is drawing to a close; the kids are over the moon with their Christmas gifts, they got everything on their lists this year and I'm working on our New Year's Eve party, just for me and my menfolk.

And how does one end a fabulous year? This past Monday, not only was I Day 70 of The Purple Pug's 365 Days Of Creative Coolness Series, it was declared Math Genius Monday. I like that. Plus, she had some nice things to say...
Catch My Party also likes me a little, they made my Santa's Mustache Bash Party Of The Day, not too shabby, eh? I knew my crazy would pay off, Thank you so much ladies!!!!

Oh, and I won a few giveaways this past week and a hugungous one not too far between all of that, 2010 is ending quite nicely.

But it wouldn't be a round-up without a look back at what made Not Just A Mommy! have a good time. Technically, the shout-outs should be on my top 10, but then the list wouldn't be top 10, plus everything I ever did would be on the list. How did I pick this illustrious group? Some had high comment counts, some had my blood, sweat and tears in them, and some were just cool! So here they are, starting from the beginning of the year...
1. Felt Owls - not only did they have a ton of comments, but spawned many inspirations (monsters, turkeys, etc.) that lead to the creation of Crazy It Forward!

2. It's a tie between Chinesentine Playdate and Kiss Me, I'm Irish - My fave 'just because' parties

3. 2010 was the year of The Dessert Table...I did a nice post on tips on making your own fabulousness!

4. De Plane! De Plane! 2 year old party

5. Super Striker Soccer party and Kachow! Cars party thrown for my boys a week apart...clearly I was on something when I thought that would be a great idea.

6. Meeting Bakerella.

Corollary to #6 Being a Bakerella Pop Star.

7. Gumball flower tutorial...come on, you can't deny the cuteness!

8. Going to Seabrook WA, meeting fun gals and doing a spa party.

9. Back To School Bash, because they were going back to school!!!

Corollary to #9 - Being featured on Paper & Cake.

10. Cupcakes Take The Cake Birthday Bash and Cupcake Camp Seattle...a fest of cupcakes and stalkerness!

11. Santa's Mustache Bash of course!

OK, ya got me. Top 11.

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