Drink Of The Week - Naughty 'Nog

My Santa's Mustache Bash was last night and was a fabulous success, despite the pouring rain and the day-of cancellations (boo to you!) and I'm getting all the pictures together to share, of course.

However, I couldn't resist this one for my D.O.W.; one of the beverages we had was Naughty 'Nog, not only was it mustache-enducing but any excuse to use paper straws is number one in my book.

All it takes is your favorite eggnog, homemade or storebought (I used Darigold's eggnog) and your favorite brandy (I used Christian Brothers), canned whipped cream and nutmeg.

Pour eggnog into a large measuring cup and add brandy until it's as naughty as you want it to be, then pour into your favorite glass. I served mine in the SVALKA 7 0z glasses from IKEA. Top with a swirl of whipped cream and garnish with a few sprinkles of nutmeg.

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