A Fabulous Blog Facelift!

No painful surgeries or massive recovery time.

Today is the official unveiling of my blog's new look! Isn't it wonderful, and a great way to start the year, with a new look and attitude! I've great parties on the horizon and booked for 2 parties already for the new year, so I'm thrilled to see what else 2011 brings!

Big up shout-outs and a huge thank you to Amy of 3 Cupcakes Blog Design, once we got rolling, she was all over it and I'm tickled pink about how everything turned out, shiny new buttons and all! You may be familiar with her work with some of my favorite party peeps like...

The Purple Pug AKA The Glittery One

Fete Fanatic

Save The Date For Cupcakes

The Sweet Spot

Thanks again dahling! And if you need a blog or website facelift she is your go-to gal. I give her two thumbs up and four stars.