Fiesta Friday/We Go Wednesday - Cupcakes Take The Cake 6th Birthday Bash

Tuesday night I had the extreme pleasure of putting myself into a sugar coma when I attended the Cupcakes Take The Cake Sixth Birthday Bash hosted by Betsy Eves, AKA Java Cupcake from Cupcakes Take The Cake. What? You don't know who CTTC is? I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

It was hosted at the great
Chopstix in downtown Seattle...pianos and cupcakes? Of course I had to be there! It was a cornucopia of the best bakers and their bestest treats...

The first of many things that caught my eye are these amazing cookies of the CTTC logo from Full Circle, another intern blogger for CTTC. At first, the little one didn't want his cookie because he thought someone had already bitten out of it. She posted on the whole process, once again, making me wish I had cookie skills!

A fabulous display of treats from Trophy Cupcakes.
Pretty treats from Free Cakes For Kids South Sound, who believe that every child deserves a cake on their birthday and work hard to provide for those who cannot.

Cupcakes Take The Cake Sixth Birthday Bash Mia Cupcakes The name says it all!!! This chunk of goodness is from Libby of Mia Cupcakes, her table was right next to a ton of goodies and that's exactly where I wanted to be and I just invited myself to sit with her. Her cupcakes were ridiculous, her Bombshell has a gooey chocolate Jameson ganache center! Yes, please!

Cupcakes Take The Cake Sixth Birthday Bash Cathy & Barbie Others at our table, Cathy from Cathy's Wraps who knows how to trick out a cupcake, and Barbie from Barbie Hull Photography. Barbie has an AMAZING slide show up at her site with way better pictures!

I also met Bee from Camera In Tow showing some love to a cookie!

Speaking of cookie love, how pretty are these cookies from
Jenny Cookies? The little cupcakes on top of her cupcakes are itty bitty cookies!

Cupcakes Take The Cake Sixth Birthday Bash CakeSpy A geeked out moment with Jessie from CakeSpy, yes THE CakeSpy.

Another geeked out moment with Java Cupcake. I know, right?

Cupcakes Take The Cake Sixth Birthday Bash cupcakesNew York Cupcakes made the beautiful cupcake birthday tower.

There were cupcake decorating contests with professionals and amateurs, and of course the musical stylings of the dueling pianists.

A raffle table full of goodies, including Cathy's....

It was so much fun meeting a few more peeps that I've only met online! I'm sure I'll be seeing them at the next event! Oh, and while I was sitting at the light, I had to get this shot of the Space Needle in all it's Christmas glory!

Check out Java Cupcake's
full recap post with lots of others photos and deets!

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