My Bad, Y'All

So I tried to make my blog more interactive for y'all by installing Intense Debate, a version of CommentLuv that works awesome for WordPress, where it will link your blog comment with your last blog post.

It sucked a*%!

It looked weird, not nicely intergrated like CommentLuv, and sent comments to its platform that I had to keep going into, which is a pain when you are already on the Blogger dashboard.

Oh, and then it inexplicably switched back to Blogger comments and lost the ID comments! For example, my latest giveaway had tons of comments, and now it has the two that suddenly went through Blogger instead of ID. Oh, the others are sitting in the ID dashboard, but no longer on the blog. See?Winning comment #14....Congrats Alissa! She's already been contacted and accepted her prize, but you all can't even see this on the post, because it's a screenshot from the ID dashboard.

Oh, then, when I uninstalled ID, thereby losing all comments made, there was no link for leaving comments. So after searching forevah to figure it out, I had to go back to each new post since I had switched and turn the comment response back on. Because I don't already have a thousand other things to do in my day.

You've all left great comments and I apologize to you who took the time to, and the crazy in me wants to go and manually put them all back in, but I haven't figured out a way to add 3 more hours to the day so I won't.

Moral of this story, for those of you with Blogger, DO NOT USE INTENSE DEBATE. And my bad to everyone else who was confused or turned off by the format. We are back on track with good old Blogger comments, starting with this one.

P.S. Please don't tell me how much success you've had with ID, because to be honest, I don't care. This is my personal opinion and unless you are the CEO of ID and are going to sue me for slander, I've really only seen horror stories, and have yet to even come across a Blogspot blog that even has it.

P.S.S. Seriously, don't.