Real Party - Rockin' New Year's Eve Sneak Peek

It's New Year's Eve peeps! Wishing all of you a fabulous NYE where ever you are! We are heading to the children's museum as we do every year; they celebrate every hour with those countries who are welcoming in New Year's.

With no babysitter this year (I'm missing a fabulous Wig Party and my feelings are hurt beyond words!!!) means we are whooping it up at's a sneak peek into what I have in store...Can't find themed glasses? Rub-ons work fabulously...of course, since I've never done this, I'm assuming it will wash off? Scored mine from Michael's in their Dollar Spot and clearanced out; also found black chandelier ones which also tie in, but haven't figured out where/how to use them.

And yes, I'ma be wearing out my TableVogue cover, you'll probably see it in every party; I need to get my hands on a few more! It's the perfect starting point.

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