We Go Wednesday - How To Train Your Dragon

A few weeks back, the boy and I had the pleasure of attending an advance screening of Dreamwork's How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. In my mind, I had already prepared to take a snooze, or perhaps mentally plan out all my upcoming events. However, I didn't have the chance, as I was busy watching the movie.

Now, although he is almost 9, the boy has never had the pleasure of watching a movie in 3D, since the only theater I knew was the IMAX at Seattle Center, and you have to mortgage off a kidney to afford that place. Now, thanks to Avatar, everyone is all jumping on the bandwagon, and we saw it at Pacific Place in downtown Seattle. Oh, FABULOUS place by the way, I had never been there, tricked out theater on the fourth floor and tons of shopping on the previous three.

OK, so I digress...I totally give the movie 4 stars, because they did an amazing job on not just the storyline, but man, the 3D really enhanced it. Sure, it was predictable and full of cliches; the son trying to please his dominant father, bitter rivalries, the unattainable chick, fight scenes, and a happy ending. But that is the magic movie-formula and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But there are a few surprises were thrown in for good measure. So I was totally engrossed.

Since I grew up on those tacky red-blue lensed cheapo-flimso glasses of the 80's, I was down for the black sunglasses they gave us. The boy oh'd and ah'd through the whole thing, and thought it was pretty awesome. I'm not sure if we would have liked it as much in regular vision...much like I'm sure Avatar isn't all that without the 3D. Or as my friend calls it 'Ferngully meets Romeo and Juliet meets The Smurfs meets military propaganda'. Her words, not mine, I have no intention of seeing Avatar.

Tuesday Tip/Tutorial - Paper Bag Flower Fabulousness

So my love of paper bags has been elevated to an Olympus-high when Jackaroo Love shared this on her blog and I had to crank out another post and share as well...paper bag hydrangeasMaryJanes and Galoshes has super-duper-so-simple-it's-ridiculous tutorials for her butterfly wreath, hydrangea flowers and balls. I've seen this done with felt, but you have to hand-cut the pieces. These just crank out with a scallop punch, and you know I have several of those! Oh yes, I so heart these, and I have half a mind to stop my housework and make a few.

If you have colored paper bags that the color goes all the way through, they would look just as amazing. If you are like me and have tons of lightweight patterned paper because you keep buying those scrapbooking packs and only use 2 sheets, how pretty would it be to mix and match the patterns and make beautiful decor elements for your spring table!

Tuesday Trend - April Fool's Treats

FamilyFun prank foodWith April Fool's on Thursday, here are some very cool ways to have a little fun and make some very tasty treats. I just heart FamilyFun, I wait each month for the latest mag, they have so many fun and creative ideas I can't wait to use. Check out their amazing gallery of food pranks; Fakin' and Eggs, Fauxberry Pie, and Faked Potato are just a few of my favorite. They even have a fake candy wrapper you can download!
Food Network not food collageCheck out Food Network's very inspired treats; the bagel with lox and cream cheese is actually a cake doughnut and other sweet treats, fried ice-cream and white chocolate sauce perfectly mimics crab cakes with tartar sauce, and a banana pudding cake disguises itself as lasagna.
donut cake panI.Need.To.Own.This.Giant.Donut.Cake.Pan.
candy nachosCheck out the nachos from I Eat Yucky Stuff ; flour tortillas are baked with cinnamon and sugar, and then topped with candied cherries, mini chocolate chips, grated fresh mango, and condensed milk.

Need more inspiration? Check out my (Not) Food For Thought post.

Nonpareil magazine body dessert tableAnd speaking of stuff that looks like food, I just had to share this absolutely amazing spread from one of my favorite crushes, Nonpareil Magazine. I've blogged about them before, their pictures are breathtaking, and although they are wedding-centric, just about all of their ideas are adaptable for any party. Case in point, check out their spin on the always-hot dessert table, using bath and body goodies instead. Yes, you are thinking wedding shower, but how about a GNO, Sweet Sixteen, baby shower/sprinkle, fundraising for a Pink Party.... They have graciously shared all their fab tips and downloads for the printables, I'm swooning!

Fiesta Friday - Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I don't really follow the sports...but with boys I find myself at alot of them. The MLB season is starting soon, so if you have a buff whether young or old, here are a few parties that knocked it right out of the park!

Swanky Tables baseball partyOK, I have to start with my favorite; Swanky Tables' design elements are fabulous, down to the peanut filler and display case cakestands. Just more ideas for me to ah-hem...borrow for our soccer party.
Pottery Barn Kids baseball partyPottery Barn Kids know how to throw a party; popcorn, hot dogs and cake, what more do you need?
Parties by Hardie baseballl packParties by Hardies' printable downloads have everything you need to swing your own party.
Dimple Prints baseball partyDimple Prints' baseball party is perfect for celebrating a 4th of July baby with lots of ideas you can use for the holiday.
baseball party inviteI love BHG's slugger party invite that doubles as a favor; Inchmark Journal shares her friend's very lovely cute are those invites?
baseball peanut table decorHow Does She? baseball partyMore peanut filler and astroturf that makes the perfect tablecover at Couture Parties' Red Sox party, and even more peanut decor from How Does She?
baseball treat bagsSuper cute favors that match those cute invites.
baseball party popcorn favor bagsI love to see personalized favors, it's that special little touch...check out the die-cut figures with jersey initials on Almeda Family's popcorn favor bags. And aren't those cookies just amazing?

Real Party Sneak Peek - Airplane Party Favors

The airplane party I've been working on is this weekend. I've been super busy getting everything ready, thus the neglection of my blog, so sorry everyone! You've already had a sneak peek of the invites, and now here's a peek into part of what I've been working on; these are a few of the favors.airplane candy favorsairplane candy favors 2I found the candy molds at Home Cake Decorating Supply Co., a wonderful candy and cake supply store in the Seattle area. I don't know how I didn't know about them. Alas, she refuses to go online so no website. But if you do live out here, I would say make haste. She has so many amazing molds of every type you can imagine. I even found soccer ball suckers for our party this summer!

UPDATE!!! Since I have party OCD, and can't stop obsessing, I tweaked the bags again, and like this version much better.airplane candy favors 3

Fiesta Friday - Dog Gone It!

Fancy Flours dog cookiesThe little one and I just read the cutest book about Beatrice who is unwillingly taken to the library with her brother who has to do a book report; Beatrice Doesn't Want To by Laura Numeroff, she of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie fame. We loved the story, we are such dog people. And with an email from Fancy Flours sitting in my inbox about their fabulous doggie cookie cutters, I had to do a post.

I'm also dedicating this post to Smokey, my friend's dear family pet who passed away last weekend...pouring a little water out for you homie!

Mix Mingle Glow dog partyI never get tired of Mix Mingle Glow's 'Dog Party With A Purpose'; several animal shelters allowed homeless pups to join the celebration in hopes of a future adoption and all of the decor elements like the dog food, went to back to the shelters.

Instead of presents, consider asking for donations to a local animal shelter. Get a list of needs from the shelter and include in your invite. If you receive a thank you note from the shelter, include a copy of it in your thank you notes.
dog party treat collageWould You Like A Treat?
Arg!!! Aren't these puppy pops from Bakerella just the awesomest? She's graciously shares the tutorial. This puppy has a bite much greater than it's bark; layers of blondie and brownie never looked so good. Adorable puppy cupcakes from the queen of cupcakes herself that would be a fun project for guests to make.
Meri Meri dog cupcake setA perfect way to show off your cupcakes, with Meri Meri's cupcake set.

pink puppy partyspray painted dog treatsA lovely pink dog party from LuLu & Co. Do you see the dog biscuits hanging from the tissue pom flowers? Love it! Speaking of biscuits, a few coats of spray paint can turn them into table confetti, a la our Monster Mash party. Ours are silver but feel free to match your decor and use them as vase filler, place cards, whatever!

The Playlist
Who Let The Dogs Out? - Baha Men
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
Who Am I? (What's My Name?) - Snoop Dogg
Atomic Dog - George Clinton
A Hard's Day Night - the Beatles
the theme song from Underdog

We Read Wednesday - Party Books

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm also have a lazy post day because I have SO much party stuff to get done, the airplane party is next weekend and I'm STILL sick. First it was allergies, and now, I'm drinking Dayquil in pints.

If you haven't noticed 'The Gospels' in my left column, they are my 'go-to' reads; they are constant sources of inspiration. I've read every single one of them, and either own a few or constantly check them out. My latest discovery is Pottery Barn - Dining Spaces and I may have to get my hands on a Borders coupon and own this one. As usual, anything PB does never disappoints, and this book is awesome, it's about entertaining spaces and how to coordinate by the type of space, color, texture, lighting, furnishings, even storage ideas. It breaks each design down by color palette, room plan and materials showing how every element harmonizes. Of course, it is PB, so every page looks like a catalog spread, but their tips are invaluable and not snooty or expensive to duplicate! Definitely worth a few read-throughs.

Tuesday Trend - Dessert Tables

Yesterday I shared a fabulous dessert stylist and it jogged my memory about a great article from Creative Hostess from the owner of Chic Sweets on tips for creating a stunning dessert table. There are so many amazing tables out there, but they all follow some key ideas. Today I'm highlighting some of the article's main points, and although you'll see the ideas repeated throughout each dessert table, I'll try to show strong examples.

1. Make your table a great focal point; balance out the amount of candy and cookies you will need with the size of your table. Lots of empty space or half-filled jars take away from the table. Oversized items can balance out a small table and give the illusion of fullness. The lollipop trees here from Chic Sweets are a great way to display items and add a layer of depth.
2. Incorporate something that the party inspires...a design element, the guest of honor's favorite color or dessert are great ideas to base a table on. This baby boy blue shower table features the clothesline motif from the invitation; the birthday girl's ice-cream love inspired her amazing ice-cream parlor dessert table while the birthday boy's monogram set the table's tone, down to the cookies.

dessert table tips3. Your color palette is key...check out sites like Color Combos to help you perfectly coordinate your colors for the most harmonious blend! If you can keep it to 2-3 colors, you're set! High contrast colors are definitely eye-catching; for example, Pearl Events's table in navy and yellow, Celebrations At Home in chocolate and red and Maddycakes Muse in black and yellow.

4. Don't forget your backdrop; think of it as an extension of your table...Amy Atlas excels in this department. Her space table uses a signature goody board and other wall details while her Moroccan-style table's backdrop has a motif mimicked in the dessert designs.

5. Layers, layers, layers! This is the most important not specified in the article, but is crucial to any tablescape. Having different heights to your table is an dynamic element; keep your guests' eyes moving and you'll notice many more 'oohs' and 'aahs' rather than keeping everything in one row.

You'll notice all the tables have elements of heights and depth such as the tall towers and cake centerpieces, long rows and uniform balance centered around the table's showpiece. Note the navy and yellow table doesn't have a showpiece, but the table is still symmetrical to the layer of flowers.

Tuesday Tip - Plates & Napkins/Room Remix Giveaway

Plates & Napkins giveawayI am a napkin whore. I will do anything for a pretty napkin; I've stamped them, folded them, hooked them up with pretty napkin rings, you've name it, I've probably done it.

I love patterned napkins, so you can imagine how I am at a place like Plates And Napkins, they are my favoritest! So imagine my delight for their giveaway another awesome place of get-lost-in-them-ness, Half Baked!
Two lucky readers will win a $50 gift certificate towards any of their products...and they are so much more than plates and napkins. They carry everything you need for your party, including invites, balloons and even placemats, so go take a gander!

Speaking of decorating fun, Room Remix is hosting a fabulous giveaway for a $25 gift card of your choice towards one of these stores. All of these places are just gold mines of inspirations for every type of project you can imagine! Even your local hardware store holds treasures; I keep thinking about this garden themed party every time I'm at Lowe's. And of course you must spend some time at Room Remix so you can be inspired for your next project or two, I love hanging out there.

Shauna Younge Dessert Tables

Dessert tables are so hot right now! I love seeing all of the different ways each hostess fabulously styles her table. Amy Atlas is the reigning queen, but there are a few that may be giving her a run for her money. I've just come across Shauna Younge Dessert Tables and I'm hooked...especially with those macaron towers. Oh yes, I'm in love....

Drink Of The Week - Rainbow Jello Shots

But of course!!!! How can you not celebrate St. Paddy's Day without going over the rainbow with these??? The Food In My Beard has an over-the-top post about rainbow Jello shots...rainbow Jello shots...and some very tasty recipes I can't wait to try. Check out goodies like "Jaeger Bombs" - black cherry Jello, Jaeger and Red Bull or an "Orange Tic-Tac" - orange Jell-o, Red Bull and mandarin orange vodka.

Real Party - Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

It started when I spied these plates at Michael's a few weeks ago....Kiss Me I'm Irish plateValentine's Day stuff was on clearance, and that's when the wheels started turning...since both Easter and April Fool's is during our Spring Break, we had to have a 'Kiss Me, I'm Irish!' St. Paddy's Day playdate. I could get some sweet deals on anything 'kissy'! Plus, I have this great rainbow material that I knew would make a perfect tablecloth.

Remember my post on rainbow pasta and pom-poms? Here's what we did...Kiss Me I'm Irish poms
Kiss Me I'm Irish rainbow pasta

Kiss Me I'm Irish colored noodles 2
Kiss me I'm Irish colored noodlesWe made rainbow clings! The kids had so much fun, and everyone really focused on making them very pretty. In fact, even those who are notorious for not doing crafts were completely engrossed.
Oh yes, rainbow kabobs! I always try to somehow balance out the sugar rush.
Kiss Me I'm Irish cupcakes
Kiss Me I'm Irish cookies
Kiss Me I'm Irish cupcakes cookiesI got a bargain deal for the lip cookie cutter and candy mold. I couldn't wait to make the cookies and the candy lip cupcake toppers. Some of the kids couldn't believe the toppers were edible and thought they were plastic, until they bit into them!

Kiss Me I'm Irish party favors
Another Valentine's Day score...gummy lips and green M&Ms along with extra cookies went home with our friends! I made the stickers from both TomKat Studios and Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams downloads. Thanks to all our friends who came and the poor moms who had to take home very sugared up kids!

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