Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum In A Dish

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! I've been working on all sorts of projects here and there, class and teacher valentines, once again, I'm chair of our Valentine's Day Bingo and gearing up for that. Guess what, I found a candy mold for that too! I know. It's an illness.

Last year's gumball flower was a huge hit for the boy's birthday classroom treats. In Valentine colors, these are so much fun and perfect, especially if you are not allowed to bring home baked treats. And since my mind is a constantly derailing train of ideas, it got me thinking about some other fun bubblegum ideas...TomKat Studio's gumball party printables are so yummy and fun!

Nope. I will never get tired of One Charming Party's gumball necklace. Ever.

I love Lolita products and their gumball shotglass is no exception, the recipe sounds yummy!

WH Hostess' gumball invite is a great wait to get your guests excited for bubbly fun.

Gumball machine cake pops from The Happy Housewife. Can't. Get. Over. The. Cuteness. Over.

Gumball cupcakes from Cookies And Cups. Even. More. Cuteness. I. Can't. Get. Over.

Everything looks elegant in a glass with a pretty label, like these favors from With This Ring.

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