Fiesta Friday - Are Ya Ready For Some Football?

I don't do sports. I'm a fair-weather fan. I cheer on whomever is winning. I feign interest when my husband starts shrieking at the TV. When the Seahawks played the Saints a few weeks back, I only paid attention because I was out running errands (!!!) and salespeople kept asking me what the score was. I actually did watch them get nearly obliterated (and I mean it was 21-0 at half time) by the Bears last weekend because once again, I was all caught up in the hype.

But because there are so many amazing party ideas for Superbowl Sunday, I gotta jump on the bandwagon and share a few of my party peeps' creativity.

First up, throwing her hat into the party printables ring, I'm excited to share party mama Simply Creative Insanity's cleverness, a 'Hail Mary' Bar for guests to mix up their own Bloody Marys! I love argyle and this color combo is so fun! Visit for more fun pix and ideas.OK, so I totally saw this fabulous party from Shindig Parties To Go weeks ago and got behind on sharing (see my comment way back on the 7th) and now her party is everywhere, but I'm still going to pretend that you all saw it here first.
Need more inspiration? Of course you do; check out a few of my previous football posts, they also have links to other posts... Playing The Field Part I and Part II, and Super Bowl Treats.

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