Pretty In Pink Triple Scoops Of Fun

I love to flex my 'girly party' muscle, since I don't get to very often. A recent email from reader Gina posed an interesting quandry. 'I have 3 daughters. One who's turning 11, one turning 7 and one turning 3. We're looking to have a combined birthday party for them this summer and I'm having trouble finding a theme that will fit all of them. All of my girls LOVE the color pink.'

Summer birthday? Pink? The first think that came to mind was 3 scoops of strawberry ice-cream...ding, ding! An ice-cream party is perfect for warmer weather and fits the bill for all ages. And since we are celebrating 3 lovely girls, 'Triple Scoops Of Fun' is perfect.
Get The Party Started
Tiny Prints' pink ice-cream invite is the perfect starting point, 3 scoops of course.

What To Wear
Wouldn't all three girls be cute in these tanks from Chic Baby Rose? I'm sure the 11 year old wouldn't be down with the tu-tu, but the 3 and 7 year old? Yes please! Shush, there go my ovaries again...
pretty in pink ice cream party collageSetting The Scene
The make-your-own ice cream sundae bar is the main act; lay it out with coordinating labels, signs and banners. I think this is the ultimate pretty-in-pink ice cream parlor from Eat Drink Pretty. You can recreate the look with this party printable set from Bird Crafts; she makes it easy by providing everything you need, from banners to food labels. Then again, coordinating paper can tie everything together so nicely like this party from LushLee.

Pretty pink party details from Bella Grace Party; an inexpensive but effective party trick, floating balloons on the ceiling. Unless you have vaulted ceilings like myself, and they all float to the highest point. A definite 'duh' moment for me.

Need some centerpiece ideas? I don't know which won I love more, these flower ice-cream centerpieces from Blowout Party or the marabou feather centerpieces from this pickles and ice-cream party at the Hostess Blog.

Of course you would need to make a few tissue pom ice-cream cones, like ours from last year. It can be triple scoops of course...just make 3 small poms and hot glue to an ice-cream cone. You could even add a red pom-pom cherry on top.

For a more informal but just as fabulous feel (and easily found during the summer months), Kate Landers Events' used sand buckets and shovels.

The Munchies
The devil is in the details; dress up cones by dipping them in melted chocolate, roll in your favorite toppings and set them on wax paper to set.

A party is not just ice-cream alone. Bella Grace's pretty cotton candy cones; ice-cream cake pops from Bakerella; meringue ice-cream cones and pink marshmallow pops from the Hostess Blog. Nordic Ware's ice cream cupcake mold.
Send Them Home With A Smile
Let the party continue long after they go home! Think Garnish has a DIY ice-cream kit for guests to make their own ice-cream.

Now, I know, it's an ice-cream theme, but I can't get enough of these gumball necklaces, they look like litte scoops of ice-cream and you can make them in any color you like.

How about ice-cream scoops with a pretty ribbon and tag a la Kate Landers? Inexpensive scoops can be found at any box store and if you are like me and have a fabulous Dollar Tree, you never know what you can find there.

Whew! I gotta stop, I'm getting a little crazy here...hope this helps!

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