Tuesday Tip/Tutorial (On A Friday) - Wilton Pops In A Post Contest

Wilton is jumping on the pop revolution! They have a new book called Pops! Treats On A Stick and it is chockful of awesome treats and tips. They are having a Pops Blogger contest and I'm throwing my hat into the ring by submitting my FrankenPops from Halloween.FrankenPops cake popsFrakenPops  These are brownie cake balls; I followed the cake ball directions but instead of cake I used brownies! The beauty of using brownies, they are sticky enough that you don't need frosting, they 'ball' all on their own. I definitely recommend them for beginner cake pop makers so you can get an idea for how the mix should feel. Once you make them with cake, you'll remember how it feels.

SuppliesWilton's Spooky Green (seasonal color) candy melts
Wilton's Dark Green candy melts
9X12 prepared pan of your favorite brownie mix
lollipop bags
paper straws

1. Setting the brownie balls on wax paper, I melted the spooky green candy melts and thinned out a little with shortening, then poured over the top of the brownie balls and let cool slightly. I added the candy details; mini M&M's for eyes and regular M&M's for the ear knobs.

2. When the candy melt is completely set, I melted Wilton's dark green candy melts, and poured on the top for the hair.

3. Instead of using lollipop sticks I had to use my latest obsession, green paper straws instead, pushing them halfway through once the dark green melt is slightly cool. Once the dark green completely cooled, those straws aren't going anywhere.

4. I finished them off with a lollipop bag and ribbon.

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