Tuesday Trend (On A Wednesday) - Cupcake Pushpops

Before I launch into today's ramblings it's time to announce the winner of my PosePrints giveaway!!Lucky comment 13! Germaine Family said...I would totally get the personalized stationery. It's nice to write someone with pen and paper and send it by snail mail every once in a while ;)

An email has been sent and the winner will have 24 hours to respond otherwise an alternate winner will be drawn!OK, so clearly I've been under some kind of rock because until this morning I've never heard of a cupcake pushpop until I saw this at Cupcakes Take The Cake. They are from Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique in Houston (sis, if you are reading this, get yourself there, stat!!).
Then when I tweeted my excitement, a reader informed me of her own purchase from Meringue Bake Shop (another reason why I LOVE Twitter!)
Apparently THE Tori Spelling endorses Sprinkles CakeShooters and had them at her little girl's party! They can be personalized with all sorts of toppings and cake flavors and labels...Oh the possibilities!

Interesting, right? I think they are pretty cool, plus they seem to be reusable! Bake Deco carries them if you are up for the challenge, anyone gets into them, let me know! They look like so much fun! You could layer strawberries and whipped cream and cake for a very pretty shortcake pop...wait, they remind of parfaits! Check out my fun post full of other yummy combos!

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