Tuesday Tutorial (On A Monday) - Marshmallow Propeller Pops

marshmallow propeller popsI kid you not, this week alone I swear I've received 10 emails asking me how I made the airplane propeller pops from last year's Airplane Party. So I'm going to put this up so the world can see! They are a little time consuming but totally worth the effort. I recreated them using jumbo marshmallows and regular sized M&Ms (what I had on hand) but for the ones I made for the party they were regular marshmallows and mini M&Ms. Our plane was red but of course you can make them any color you choose, same for the propeller!

Gather your instruments of creativity....marshmallows, M&Ms, candy melts in your choice of airplane and propeller colors, (I use Wilton's but whomever is fine), disposable decorating bags and wax paper.

The first time around I traced a regular marshmallow and cut out out the circle to see how big to make the propeller. The jumbos are 2" wide so I punched a circle, I'm thinking a regular one is probably 1".
marshmallow propeller pops 2
Now, just tape down the circle on a piece of paper and trace out a propeller.

Cut it out and now you have a template for your propellers.
marshmallow propeller pops On a sheet of paper, trace out a few propellers in thick marker. You don't need a lot, you can move the paper to make as many propellers as you need.
Lay a piece of wax paper over the tracing.

Set that aside and start melting your chocolate in a disposable decorating bag. No, you can't use a Ziploc bag, the melt gets hot and you will really feel it through the bag, and on occasion will melt through the bag. Yes. I've tried. Follow your melts' direction for melting...

...and once they are all melted, start tracing the propeller in chocolate. Dip the tip of the bag in the chocolate to push the chocolate to the edges. It takes a little practice, as you can see from my first few ones...the chocolate is hot and flows out fast. Once it cools a little, it's easier to use, but then you have to move fast. No worries with the ones you don't like. Let them cool and recycle back into the bag.

Don't try to make the tops too smooth and waste time, you are going to flip them over anyways.
marshmallow propeller pops 3 Let the propellers cool, and work on your marshmallows. Just melt the chocolate in a bowl and if it's too thick, add shortening or oil to thin. DO NOT USE WATER!!! Any non-oil based liquid will seize up the chocolate and ruin it. Yes, that includes colors, you cannot use regular food coloring, it has to be oil-based colors. But of course you already knew that. Now, while all the chocolate is cooling, go check your email, putter around, etc.
Alright, once all the chocolate is cold, carefully remove the propellers from the wax paper, flip them over so the flat side is up and attach with a dab of chocolate melt or if you have any handy, chocolate frosting.
Then attach the M&M the same.

Oh, on a side note, if you are a freak like myself, proportionally, jumbo marshmallows will be too big for a lollipop stick if you are making them as pops. Wider cookie sticks or even paper straws will work. Nope, I don't get tired of paper straw shout outs. Hope this helps!

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