Tuesday Tutorial - Paper Snowflakes

paper snowflake tutorialHere's another sneak peek into our Rockin' New Year's Eve Party! They featured these fun paper snowflakes and I'll show you today how to make them.

You've probably seen them everywhere and wondered how to make them; they were the craft at last year's Ugly Sweater Party, and I couldn't wait to make them again. I apologize for the grainy photos, I was making these at night and it was either flash or clear photos.

Supplies to make one snowflake:
8 sheets of paper NOT cardstock
hole punch
paper snowflakes1. Take one sheet of paper, fold the bottom edge to the left edge and crease.
paper snowflakes 2paper snowflakes2. Cut off the top strip to make a square.
3. Fold top corner down.
4. Rotate almost half way.
5. Cut through both layers on the folded ends, almost to the end.
6. Open completely, folded crease-side down.
7. Fold the smallest flaps in, overlapping each other and tape, then turn over.
8. Fold the medium flaps in, overlapping each other and tape, then turn over again.
paper snowflake9. Fold the largest flaps in, overlapping each other and tape.

This is how it should look from the side.Now repeat this 7 more times.
10. Staple or tape 8 pieces together.

11. Staple in a ring by stapling the center points together.
12. Punch a hole in the top point and string through with fishing line. Voila! Feel free to mix and match colors to match your decor, use sparkly or patterned paper. I've been working on a smaller version to make it an ornament size, my scaling is all wrong, so if anyone makes one, let me know!


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