B-I-N-G-O/Real Party - Ladies' Tea

I'm chair of our school's annual Valentine's Day Bingo which is going down tonight and I almost passed out when I discovered on a recent trip to my favorite candy decorating store......a bingo card candy mold. I know, right? I think I may have actually gasped out loud. Yes, I'm in a full candy mold addiction, but how could I pass it up? That would have been crazy. And then I thought, 'you know what candies would work on this? Sprees.' And they do!

Alright, I have to justify this shameless promotion and help you out with a little inspiration for your own bingo bash with these great ideas from Parents and The Party Animal.And speaking of bashes, I have to share a recent tea party I attended at C's home. It's always so nice to be on the receiving end of my friends' creativity, plus how often do I get to attend a tea party and sip tea out of pretty china and use cloth napkins?She set a lovely table and we dined on finger sandwiches, fruit, scones and of course, cupcakes!Amidst chatting and tea sipping she had a craft for us. We made felt Valentine fortune cookies where instead of fortunes we wrote love coupons for our significant others. Here I am multitasking, reading texts and crafting! Check out our favors! To continue our pampering, we all received these ice-cream sundaes, and note her cleverness...she added a bath bomb 'cherry' to the loofah 'ice cream', and the glass is filled with bath beads. And yes, she does top it off with a real spoon. I know, your wheels are turning to make your own, right? They are perfect gifts to give your gals, and you can coordinate with your favorite colors to your heart's content!Thank you C, for giving us a lovely stress-free afternoon, hope you plan another one really soon!

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