CSN Product Review - Expandable Garment Rack

Sounds exciting, right? But don't let the title fool you, it's inspired genius! I see all these amazing party tables set up against beautiful backdrops and I'm wondering 'who has a entire blank wall that isn't in a room full of toys?' Do you know how hard it is to cover up the bay windows that make up my kitchen/main party area?

A quick search revealed DIY backdrop frames made with PVC piping, but the minute it involved heavy equipment, my eyes glazed over. Come on, there has GOT to be an easier/less risk of me cutting off a finger way out there. When CSN reached out to do a product review, it occured to me...I bet a garment rack would be just as awesome.

Enter the Honey Can Do Expandable Garment Rack in Black and Chrome. Easy to assemble and with an adjustable height of over 6 feet means it easily towers over your table. It's about 4 feet wide (it easily accomodated my folding card table) and is perfect for standard 6 foot party tables. As you can see, I covered it with paper streamers and ribbon and hearts strung with baker's twine.

And if you want, you can totally use it to hang up garments when not in party decor use, it's perfect for that. I really will use it for that purpose, because I'm always needing more room for guests to hang up coats, my front hall closet has no more room. Oh, and guess what? I just gave you a sneak peek at our Milk And Cookies backdrop. Come back on Monday for the full party reveal.

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