We Go Wednesday - Pier 1 Tasting Party

I avoid several places like the plague during the holidays, especially with the boys. One of those places is Pier 1. I know they aren't going to break anything but still... So when I finally made my way there, imagine my surprise when I saw this......their Tasting Party collection...insert happy party planner dance. I sure did snap a picture with my camera phone, all thinking I was going to break this fabness to you all.

Until I asked how hot is this new collection for spring and would probably carry through summer (party wheels turning), and she gave me the 'ugh' face. Apparently, I'm so 2000 and late, since it's been in stores since late October.

So how did I possibly miss this?
Plus, everyone apparently was blogging about it, but once again, lots going on during the holidays.

So, I would suggest if you haven't already, get yourself hence. Can you see the possibilities? Not too bad on the prices if you are building up your collection, and those white porcelain spoons you've been seeing everywhere, like this dessert table? .75 each; I sure did by 10 of them to get myself started.I also purchased the mini bowls set (the sets holding the sliced pickles/jalapeƱos and shrimp), which is 12 bowls and 12 appetizer spoons for $29.95. I know, trust me, I've been looking for this size bowl forevah, even IKEA didn't have them. Ramekins can do the trick, but I like clear so the pretty layers of your food show through.

Oh, did you spy the tall domed cupcake pedestal? Yup, I'm so glad they are popping up everywhere!

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