(Not) Food For Thought Redux

A couple of years ago I did a post that seems perfectly appropriate for April Fool's Day tomorrow, especially if you are looking for some fun to make with the kiddos (or yourself). Since I'm all about not reinventing the wheel, I thought I would repost it, and to show I'm not completely lazy, added some new ideas.

I love the idea of making treats that look like other foods; here are a few fun ideas to try for your next kid's (and kids at heart) shindig.

FamilyFun Not Food collageA tasty plethora of goodies from FamilyFun; chicken not pie, sweet sushi, fried egg sundae faux french fries, and pizza cake.

Not food collageA Baked Creation's clever candy kabob. For my son's SpongeBob party, I was inspired by FamilyFun to make Krabby Patty hamburger cupcake toppers. How in love are you with Smiley's Sweets and Creations popcorn cupcakes?

Hello Cupcake collageTreasures from Hello Cupcake! include an inspiring TV dinner; the drumsticks are candy melts and the "gravy" is caramel sauce.

Our pepperoni pizza cookie from last year...

How could I forget my grill cakes?

I couldn't help but to share this, an eye-popping and amazing collection of cakes from Debbie Does Cakes And Blogs from a seafood boil cake to buffalo wings to a Big Mac!

Check out last year's post for more fun inspiration!

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