Pi Day/We Go Wednesday - High 5 Pie

Today is March 14 (3.14) also known around the world as Pi Day; no, not pie, 3.1415926535....Π. It is the holy high day for us math nerds; back in college every year there was a Pi Contest to see who could memorize the most digits of pi. The winner received...wait for it...a pie, and bragging rights. Yeah, I know. I was too busy being cool to ever be part of this but I admired those who had time.

See, it's an irrational number which means it never terminates or repeats itself. Currently, the verified world holder for memorized digits of pi is over 67,000. Yeah, busy.

Anyways, I thought today would be a perfect day to share all things pie, starting with our recent trip out to High 5 Pie, one of two new pie places in Seattle. I apologize for the crappier-than-usual photos, they're from my phone.
I loved the retro look, definitely cashing in on the 50's feel but with a modern twist, when a fresh pie in the oven was the norm. Could you imagine being in a full skirt, pearls and heels baking a pie from scratch? No wonder they drank...but I digress...

Note the pie pops...I blogged about them forever ago, I'm sure they are inspired from Bakerella's tutorial.

How awesome are their piejars? Check out Squawkfox's tutorial to make your own.
The boys settled on vanilla cream pie (talked down from chocolate cream) and I was curious about their Flipsides, which are basically empanadas with different types of filling...With options like the mac and cheese and spinach feta, I settled on the potato dill cheddar veggie.The boys' cream pies were eh...I'll have to say that Cyrus O'Leary makes a hell of a better pie. I did sample the cherry almond and I really liked it. Their crusts are a bit thick for my taste and the boys didn't eat theirs at all, forcing me to eat 2 more shares of pie crust (I'm coming Zumba!). Now, my Flipside was a little meal in itself, I love the idea of wrapping your favorite food in a piecrust, the yum of a potpie without all the mess. It was quite good.

Drooling yet? Check out Bon Appétit's The Top 10 Best Places For Pie, you might live near one

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