Real {Reader} Party - Pink Baby Shower

Happy Spring! It's been a long weekend with the Tae Kwon Do party; I'll be sharing those pix soon! But I couldn't wait to share one of the yummies in my inbox; a few photos from the baby shower my friend C hosted for her sister in law. Sadly, she was busy running around and only had time for a few shots, but it's quality not quantity right?Cute, right? Now focus on the items in the back...wait for it....
How absolutely adorable are her baby cake pops, inspired by Bakerella! When she first told me about using the paper liners as a bonnet I so saw this in my head. I'm so adding this to my to-do list for the shower I'm doing this summer!
Candy pacifiers NEVER go out of style!
The favor boxes...I love see-through boxes, they let the treat shine through and really don't need embellishments, but I love what she did.

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