We Go Wednesday - Home Cake Decorating Supply Company

Some of you have asked where is it I've been going to feed my candy mold obsession? Well, I've finally remembered to take my camera so I could share exactly where I've been going. Home Cake Decorating Supply Company in the Seattle/Northgate area.

I was over trying to order stuff online and paying ridiculous shipping. I completely stumbled across a review last year and made my way haste. I walked in and fell in love, and have been indoctrinating disciples ever since. It takes a moment to get used to all the stuff! It is literally piled to the ceiling.  I took my friend out there last week and she was promptly sucked in and bought $40 worth of supplies. I only bought one candy mold and safari print cupcake liners. I did so good. This trip. There is just too much stuff, a whole wall of cookie cuttters, a corner crammed full of flavorings and colorings?  The front counter can barely see the customer.

She has everything for every level of cake and candy decorating.  Need dolls for a cake, or whatever? Check.

Just a few candy molds...

There are my friend's feet next to GIANORMOUS cake pans.

Need a few tart pans?
Something to top off a cake or two?
Of course she's all geared up for Easter and spring!

Need giant candy carrots and bunny cookies for Easter? Check and check.

She does ship all over so give her a jingle, sorry, she's not online.

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