Carrot Cupcake Shooters + Easter Berry Basket

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend! Feast your eyes on these cuties I made, carrot cupcake shooters! I took a crop of them for our teachers and front-office people, and they LOVED them! I'm also adding one to each boy's Easter basket. I take zero credit for this, it's all from the Superchick herself! Check out her easy tute if you happen to have cupcake shooters laying around and need some last minute goodies for Easter.

OK, and speaking of which, how could I not share this cute Easter basket from Blue Cupcake made with a berry box?  When I saw this, I knew, this is what I had to do for the boys' goodies.  What? Where do you find these cute boxes? Why Garnish, of course. Put this in your file for next year.

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