Real Party - Construction Birthday Party: The Cake

It's been another year and time for another party for Hudson, four in the series. I did his Airplane Party last year and every year before. We are keeping in the transportation theme with his latest obsession, construction trucks! There are an ridiculous amount of photos so I'm going to break it all up into several posts.

 Today is all about the cake. It was amazing. Can I tell you amazing? I found Lori of Sweet Cheeks Custom Cakes by kismet; you have to check out some of her other amazing cakes.  When I sent the link to my client, we knew we had to have her.

She created everything just from a few conversations and photos and all I did was add the trucks and a few signs!  It turned out way better than I could have hoped for.

My favorite part was the wall hanging, it showcases it so well.  I made the backdrop by mounting sheets of 12X12 cardstock paper onto a foamcore base.

I think this photo says it all!

Check out part 2, the food and part 3, activities + decor!

Big thank you to Stephanie from Spaceships And Laserbeams for featuring us!

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