We Go Wednesday - Bake Sale For Japan At CakeSpy

I didn't realize when we attended the Bake Sale For Japan at CakeSpy on April 2, that it was a simultaneous bake sale across the country, otherwise I would have done a blog post sooner! This Bake Sale raised a total of  $3100 and the leftovers were sent to a shelter that feeds homeless youth every night. Overall, all the fundraisers raised over $124,000!
There was an outside table overflowing with goodies...

...and more fabulousness inside like these cinnamon rolls from Harvest Vine!

I also had my first macaron! I bought two of these containers and ate one before I even left the shot.  The boys and I split the second one so I didn't eat them all by myself!  Oh yes, I'm hooked! Photo by NotMartha.

We had a few of these cookies from The Sated Palate. It's funny that we have the exact same photo...of course they are her goodies.

I'm not sure which shop these cupcakes were from, but they were ridiculously chocolatey and divine!

We had a fabulous time, great treats and helped to raise a little money.  Not a bad day at all!

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