We Go Wednesday - Cupcakes/Hello, Cupcake/Simply Sweet Cupcakes

I'm on a cupcake roll today, sharing THREE cupcake hot spots! But business before pleasure; the winner of the Cupcakes magazine giveaway...
Comment #5 - Mary Beth 'One of my favorite cupcakes to eat is red velvet. Delicious!'  

Since she didn't leave a contact email, Mary Beth, I hope you are reading, because you have 24 hours to email me or I'll have to pick an alternate winner!

When I ever get back to Vancouver, B.C. (we drove by on our way to Whistler), number #1 on my to-go list (and if you find yourself there)...

Cupcakes. But for us stateside, they are better known as WeTV's The Cupcake Girls. My friend was recently in Vancouver and when she saw this shop, she thought of me and snapped a few pictures, not realizing I knew exactly who they were, because I heart the show. I sure hope it comes back next season, so many unanswered questions!

And speaking of leaving said friend's house and cupcakes, she hipped me to Tacoma's Hello, Cupcake and said I should stop by.  You don't have to tell me twice.

Seriously, is that my child reaching under the glass? I was so busy eyeballing the cupcakes, I didn't even see him do that, and no one else did! I promise, he didn't pull one out.


There was a party in the party room, so I couldn't take pictures, but here is one from their site. I sure wish I lived closer; you can rent the party room for any type of function for $30 for 2 hours and bring in your own treats or for $10 per person, you can get the room and each guests gets 2 cupcakes and all the goodies needed to decorate plus a beverage. How sweet is that?

And lastly, a spot we've been meaning to try forevah, but there is always a line every time we pass by, Snohomish's Simply Sweet Cupcakes. Our chance finally came this Easter weekend.  What is hilarious to me is they are a block away from another cupcakery (coming up in another post) and they are night and day.  This place is tiny, with enough room for the counter, a rack of decor items and a few tables while the other locale is a 2 story, splashy, with a party room. But where is the line at? Exactly!

A cookies & cream, mint chocolate chip and carrot cake to-go please...oh man, with the cream cheese frosting, the carrot cake was to die for. We'll just say I had to have the boys throw the liners away because they were trying to lick the cake off.

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