Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Cocktails + Cupcakes: Flower Arranging Workshop

OK. So my birthday was last Wednesday and I decided to throw myself a birthday party last weekend, Cocktails + Cupcakes. I usually share an inspiration board, but I've had this idea knocking around my head for awhile so I made a mental inspiration board, sorry. Wait, we had a movie watching party a few weekends ago that I'm supposed to be sharing. Do you see how my party OCD is kicking in? I can't focus but I've been bursting to share what we were up to because I know this is so clever, that you'll run out and do one for yourself.

I decided to use my love of flowers to my benefit, and our party activity (besides mixing cocktails and eating cupcakes) was a Flower Arranging Workshop.  My thought was to show everyone how store-bought flowers can look like a fabulous, expensive arrangement with a few tips. I invited everyone to bring a small vessel of their choosing and I had a few mason jars on hands for those who forgot. The day before, I hit up my favorite grocery store and stocked up on some blooms like snapdragons, Gerbera daisies, roses, etc., and some filler. Now, if you are fortunate to live near a farmer's market/fabulous place to get flowers, by all means, go!

A stretch of butcher paper with flowers labeled, garden scissors from Dollar Tree and a cheat sheet, plus I broke out my Stampin' Up color wheel to help with color combos....

...we were ready to rock.  My plan was to do the arranging first, because alcohol and sharp objects do not mix. Of course, everyone was so busy drinking that we didn't get there for awhile.  Plus, having me stand there trying to give instruction after a few glasses of punch  (hence my finger in the pictures!) is also not ideal. But I didn't get to do my full spiel because the moments their butts hit those chairs, they were off and running, which was AWESOME! I was even going to show to think outside the arrangement box and use veggies and fruits, but eh, it wasn't broke so I didn't interrupt.

As you can tell by the number of drink glasses, they were having a blast and no one cut any fingers off.

The next day, I made a few arrangements with the leftover flowers...

...and I played around with the fresh kale and artificial flowers that was part of my spiel. I was trying to do something with bunches of radishes, but it worked out way better in my head!

Check out the dessert table and favors!

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