Real Party - Construction Birthday Party: The Food

First, it was the cake. Today is the party food; ya gotta have something to eat! No meal this time around, just fun snacks. You know I'm all about making guests work so I created a  Build Your Own Chex Mix bar.

I adore printables from Paper & Cake, they always jam so much stuff into their downloads, I can never use it all. I used their Under Construction items throughout the party. Fab party tip - renaming food to match your party theme is a great way to tie everything together.

I used lots of galvanized buckets and wooden containers for the full construction site feel! I lined wooden berry baskets with paper napkins so they wouldn't get greasy or dirty.

Yes, that is ruler-print ribbon tied on the scoop handles; found it at Jo-Ann's, score!

The dipped marshmallows were a big hit and gone quickly! I've had them at so many parties, they are so easy to do and can be matched to any decor. Of course I had paper straws.  These are jumbo marshmallows, those wimpy lollipop sticks aren't holding up these babies.

Of course we had to have dirt cups, complete with a gummi worm.  I stamped them myself and now I can't go back to naked spoons. What's under the cups you ask? A red octagon coaster of course.

Fruit infused water;  Did you know that oranges will sink and lemons float? I guess that's why you are always served lemon water and not orange water.  Learned something new today.  Did you spy the cups with the labels? Guests filled in the 'My Name is_____' part.  A must if you've got lots of people attending.

Check out part 3, decor and activities!

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Under Construction printable - Paper & Cake
wooden berry boxes, paper straws, wooden spoons - Garnish
wooden toy trucks - Target
sign clips and foam tools - Michael's
construction tape - my own stash

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