Real Party - Construction Birthday Party: Activities + Decor

Finally, part 3 of the construction party...first, I revealed  the cake, then the food, now it's all about the decor!  As with all my parties, I really try to stretch my imagination and dollar; this one was simple, because a trip to Home Depot gave me plenty of inspiration!

I'm really proud of the construction tape wreath that greeted guests; I tied tape onto a foam wreath, and since the door hanger was a gold Christmas bow, we just kept wrapping it with tape, and added the foam tools.

Every construction site requires a check-in; our guests received a Home Depot canvas apron (.77 each!!!) and labeled their construction hat and dump truck.

Lots of kraft paper for runners and blocking off the various work locations...

None of the blocks left the paper...I didn't dare dream that, but it happened!

Styrofoam blocks + golf tees = Hammertime! The truck bowls are part of the same Paper & Cake Under Construction printables that I used on the food table.

The birthday boy hammering away! The kids spent the most time at this station and couldn't get enough of it!

It was a gorgeous day, so the kids played outside at the sand table....

...and Pin The Nail On The Hammer, also part of the download package.

Not only did they keep their hard hat, toy truck and the apron, while they were were leaving, I slipped candy tools into their aprons. This was perfect, as some of the guests were screaming not to leave, and it was the perfect distraction. Yes, I found a mold and made them myself. I told you I was addicted to candy molds.

Sissy's hair gets a quick make-over!

Couldn't help sneaking in this photo of the boy enjoying a Rocky Road marshmallow pop. Can you believe those hats fit everyone, from the little ones to grownups?

The proud parents! Thanks for letting me run wild with this one, hope you dug it...badum-bum!

Under Construction download (table signs and truck bowls) - Paper & Cake
Plastic hammers, foam tools - Toys R Us
Toy trucks - Target
Construction tape - my own stash
Canvas aprons - Home Depot
Hard hats - Oriental Trading

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