Tuesday Tip - Babycakes Cake Pop Maker Review

I love cake pops. I hate making them.  Even making them with brownies (to eliminate the need for frosting) is time consuming.  So when I won a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker from Daily Grommet, I could hardly contain my excitement, I'm going to be a cake pop making fool!

I'm a project prepared freak, so I read the booklet twice, not wanting any mistakes.  I wiped it, greased it a little, prepared the batter and plugged it in.  Lesson #1, a tablespoonish of cake batter (which varies depending on your batter as I learned later) and did a trial one. 'Cuz I've read enough reviews to know filling them all up on your first go is a recipe for disaster.  Told you I come prepared.

So hear goes the first one...

Alright, feeling confident.  Let's make more than one.  Lesson #2, once you start filling them up, they start cooking before you get all 12 done. So you have to move fast. Otherwise, the ones that were filled up first will ooze out once you close the lid.

But that's ok.  Those lovely 'rings of Saturn' can be easily trimmed off with a sharp knife.

OK, got a handle on filling them up, and before you know it, you've got a plateful way faster and cleaner that the 'traditional' method.

Break out your candy melts and toppings and before you know it, you've got some great treats.  In fact, my first project was for our Teacher Appreciation Lunch last week.  The cake pop maker comes with lollipop sticks but I decided they would be little bon bons of pure sugar.

I love the color download from One Charming Party and with new paint palettes, it was the perfect dessert.
So I give the cake pop maker 2 thumbs up! So if you can get your hands on one, it is worth it.

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