We Go Wednesday - Sweet Papier Review

So remember my interview with the fabulous Danette Zoda Yepsen and her paper company Sweet Papier? So of course, I had to get me a little paper yummy for myself...
...and ordered the 'Like A Cupcake' happy birthday notes. They came lickety split with a handwritten thank you card and tied with baker's twine, you know I love the little details. They are the cutest little cards, measuring 3 1/2 x 4 7/8 inches, about an index card size and check out the envelopes, in a mix of candy colors.  You can personalize your birthday message, and change colors and fonts.

I'm a serious paper snob; I really love quality paper and envelopes, after all, the recipient will feel it before they open the card. It's a nice weight and feel, and seriously, I'm having a hard time giving these out!

Need some paper love yourself? Check out her full line that includes invitations, annoucements and favors!

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