Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Cocktails + Cupcakes

cocktails and cupcakes
So I did it a bit ass-backward in sharing the various cocktails and flower arranging activities before the actual party reveal for my birthday party a few weeks back.  Don't mind my sister in law holding a bottle of tequila over her baby bump.  She wasn't drinking, I had fruit juice for her.
The girls needed party attire so I hot glued feather boas to dollar store tiaras, and candy rings, to wear. The birthday girls had to have something different, so I jazzed up foam tiaras.

cocktails and cupcakes dessert table

Of course, we had cupcakes...I only named them after drinks, like 'Hey Margarita' for margarita cupcakes. There was no alcohol in them, I did have a preggie there.  There were Jell-O shots that go in that space next to the fruit platter, but I forgot to get shots of them.

cocktails and cupcakes drinks

My favorite part was the gift wrapped decor, topped off with hydrangeas.

Check out the booze table..I made up some drink menus; besides the SPArty Punch and Catalina Margaritas, Chocolate Bliss (chocolate liquor, Irish Cream and vodka in chocolate milk), Black American (instead of Russian, get it?) and classic Lemon Drops

What did I send the girls home with? Besides their flower bouquets, their choice of mini liquor bottles and a bag of ...wait for it...candy jewels.  Yup, there's a mold for that.

It was my birthday after all, so I had to stick in one cheesy game...I tied plastic rings on ribbons and we did the 'Can't Say The Word Game', you know the one you play at baby showers where you can't say 'baby'. Our word, 'the'. Yeah, it didn't take long for the necklaces to start moving. The winner received liquor-filled chocolates.  I know, when I have a theme I run with it!

It was a fabulous night and certainly a blast! Thank you ladies for braving the storm to come par-tay!

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