Real Party - Mario/Game Truck Party

Game Truck birthday party
Man, does time fly! I can't believe my oldest is 10 today! So we had to go big or go home for his double digit birthday, and I thought today was a perfect day to share his party  from last weekend, featuring the much talked about and patiently waited for Game Truck. I can't remember whose party post I saw this on, but when I did, I knew we had to have it.

It's a truck tricked out with the latest games and game consoles and it comes to your house.  Genius! Pulled up right in front, the boys piled right on in, and for 2 hours, they were gone. I don't mean the truck left, I mean I saw not one of them, save a few thirsty ones.

Since he is totally obsessed with Mario (as is every boy his age) it was a perfect place to start.
Mario party full table

Mario party dessert table
This party was also my first foray into using several vendors.  I unclenched my fists and let the professionals do the heavy lifting.  It was hard, but apparently, I can't do everything.

So I got this crazy idea to make a backdrop that looked like classic Mario. My clever sister in law said next time I should make it look like a giant TV screen. I totally thought of that but I'm learning to rein in the crazy.  The clouds are made from batting and the bricks are foamcore squares covered in brick paper and all hung with fishing line.
Mario party backdrop clouds

I love social networking because it really came through on this party. These awesome printables? Literally, a last minute find from Amy's Party Invites. I mean that, I found her 3 days before the party.  I know. I couldn't find any Mario printables but I have faith. I found her through her Mario party post on Catch My Party, and it was kismet.

Mario party drawbag favors
A Facebook party post let me to Paper Nook and her personalized, draw string bags. These are a custom design, and came out perfect. Inside are a candy Wii remote, gold coins, a Mario pencil and a hacky sack.

Mario party marshmallows
Perfect marshmallow pops from Stix N Pops.

Mario party mushroom cupcake pipes
I can't take any credit for these clever mushroom pipes cupcakes; check out the full tutorial over at Cute As A Fox Creations and of course I did them. They are sitting on a toolbox because, hello, Mario and Luigi are plumbers.

Mario party cookies
I've rambled about Jenny Cookies before, love her parties! She knocked the cookies out of the park.  Seriously, all inhaled.

Mario party chocolate mustache pops
Of course there was chocolate mustaches.

Mario party paper cloud straws
My cloud punch got a serious workout!

Mario party pizza boxes
I'm a serious container freak and the fact that I live by a Cash & Carry does not help me. What? You don't know about them?  Restaurant items in bulk like carryout containers, candy, and oh yeah, pizza boxes! We served individual pizzas in each one, and how did we know the difference?  I put a cheese/pepperoni sticker on each one.
Mario party prize  labels

Mario party fruit cups
The containers for our fruit, complete with a sticker. Yes, strawberries and grapes.

Mario party water labels

I figured MarioKart with checkered flags, medals, gold stars for the eating area.
It was a fabulous day of fun and we had a great time, happy birthday sweet pea!

Video game truck - Game Truck
Mario party printables - Amy's Party Invites
Mario cookies - Jenny Cookies
Marshmallow pops - Stix N Pops
Favor bags - Paper Nook

Pizza boxes, styrofoam bowls - Cash & Carry
Mustache candy molds, paper straws - Bake It Pretty
Brick patterned paper - Michael's


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