Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Movie Watching Party

So this week's Tuesday Tutorial was the popcorn cakepops I made for our movie watching party awhile back. With the boys in school now, our glorified playdates are harder to do, so I thought an evening event would be perfect.  The movie of choice, Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief. I used a traditional movie color palette since I wanted to use party items I already had.

Of course there was a craft, dragons for the boys, mirrors for the girls. I found great, unfinished framed mirrors at Michael's and painted them black.  They did the rest.

Afterwards, some dinner...
...and if you think you will be offended by the fact that each kid had a movie sized box of candy, gummi worms, licorice, popcorn, Ring Pops and Shirley Temples, then you may want to look away...

You were warned.

 No, they didn't eat most of the candy, I sent them home with it, and they had a fabulous time! Can't wait for the next one.

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