Fiesta Friday - Farewell, Mr. Potter!

It's opening day of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2; somewhere there are people twitching on a sidewalk where they have been for the past few days. It's never been that deep to wait in line for anything, although I did at a cool club in the snow for an hour because we kept saying 'we're sooooo close'. Speaking of twitching, the boy is also waiting to see this movie, but I think we'll hit up when the fervor slows down a bit.

But I digress...of course I had to do a Harry Potter party round-up! Yes, I've blogged about a few of them before, but fabulous parties are timeless!
Harry Potter party ideas 3
All For The Boys has lots of great tips and ideas, I love a mom with party commitment!
Are you in love with Loralee Lewis' party? The printables are in her shop to recreate this fabulousness yourself. Psstt...she's working on another HP party, I can't wait to see!
Harry Potter party ideas 2
Fun ideas at Party Wishes' movie night included chocolate frogs and a sorting hat activity.
Harry Potter party ideas
You know you want to serve these butterbeer sugar cookies with a butterbeer glaze from Bake At 350.
Harry Potter party ideas 4
Of course, you have to serve butterbeer as well.  Love this easy recipe from Hello, My Name Is Heather.  What's that you say? Her broom swizzle sticks would be perfect for Halloween? I know, she has a tutorial. And while you are there, check out her Cockroach Cluster recipe and the tag download.
Harry Potter party ideas white felt owl
Yeah, I squeezed in my felt owls...come on, I made one in white for the boy! And it's my blog and if I want to shamelessly promote my own stuff, I can.

Somehow, I missed the fabulous SnowyBliss's soiree, and I'm totally squeezing it in! Loving all the Halloween/fall props, you can use them all year round.

If you need more wizard inspiration, check out my previous post, We Are Off To See The Wizard. There's a link to a fabulous book on wizard parties of all types.

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